About Adam Lees’ Forward Audio Solutions

Hello! I’m Adam Lees.

I am the music composer and producer for Forward Audio Solutions. I developed a passion for music at a very early age and first picked up the guitar at the age of 8 which soon spread to piano, drums and other instruments. I attended Recording Arts Canada for Audio Engineering and Multi-Media Production and I’m musically self taught.

After a lengthy detour into a non-musical career I realized there was something missing from my soul and I needed to reconnect with music again. I then started my own music publishing company called “Forward Audio Solutions” an independent music publishing company focused on providing ambient instrumental music to be used individually for relaxation and meditation, or to create a peaceful setting wherever it’s played.

I strive to offer original music that takes you the listener to a place of peace, where you can refresh and rejuvenate the soul. I thoroughly enjoy the creative process, and I am blessed to be able to share my music. I believe music is the universal language and it has a strong connection within all of us. Music is emotional and spiritual energy, and when we open ourselves to receive it, the affects can be limitless.

Happy Listeners

I'm going to start off on how wonderful your CD caught my soul, It moved me deeply. - Dorothea

The peaceful flowing instruments coming through my earphones helped take me to a place of serenity - Stephanie

So relaxing I listen to it every night - Rainbow

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